Fast and simple

Check an IBAN for plausibility

Just enter an IBAN the software then checks if this IBAN could be valid.
The check determines if an IBAN could be handed out by a credit institution.
Spot spelling mistakes or intentionally typed wrong IBANs to save unnecessary costs for return debits.

Generate an IBAN for free

Just enter your bank code and account number and the software generates your IBAN


The generation of an IBAN should be handled by a bank.
Self-generated IBANs may be correct but don't conform the respective banks' pattern.

Use in your application

Create your API key here to integrate IBAN-Test in your shop or other systems.

Using the API you can send requests to our server to validate or generate an IBAN.

This way the IBAN check and generation can be easily implemented in existing websites, desktop applications or shop systems. A few lines of codes are enough for that (an example can be found in the FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

App for Android and iOS

Check IBANs on your smartphone

With the new IBAN-Test App for Android and iOS you can use all functions of this website comfortably on your smartphone.

Thanks to a modern design you navigate through the app with ease and generate or check IBANs in no time.

Thus the IBAN-Test app is the ideal replacement for this website on your mobile device.

You can search Google Play or the Apple Appstore for "IBAN-Test" or use the following links:

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play


If you have any questions or problem please contact us using the following form. We then will get in touch with you as soon as possible.